Welcome to the Enough is Enough
Empowerment Conference 2023

The Enough is Enough Conference 2023, hosted by Nikea Hardison Ministries, welcomes you to an experience you Don't want to miss! Held in New York, July 27-29, 2023, this occasion will be an exciting, fun-filled time in our Lord as we empower, encourage, and equip the body of Christ!


Thursday - Saturday 27 - 29 July, 2023


Harvest Church International


Evangelist Nikea Hardison

Welcome from Elder Nikea J Hardison

Grace and Peace from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ. What an honor The Enough is Enough Conference!

This year has taught me many lessons. There were trials and heartache, resilience and conquering.
First, I would like to thank my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST for endowing me with strength and selecting me to fulfill not only this assignment, but the promise and plan he has for my life. I would like to thank Archbishop Michael E. Turpin for believing in and cultivating the ministry that God has birthed in me. Your love, guidance, coaching, mentoring, rewarding, rebuking and restoring has helped me to push this baby out. I will forever be grateful that God has tied my destiny to you and Harvest Church International!


Thank you to my “Sound the Alarm”, “Women Empowering Women” and “Enough is Enough” family for trusting the GOD in me. I could never explain how much your love and support means to me.


This year has proven that “we serve a God who’s LARGE and IN CHARGE” and as God
continues to bless me, I look forward to always being a blessing!